Tax controversy

Tax controversy

Vistisen Falk Hansen is specialised in winning cases regarding direct and indirect taxes.


We also advise our clients in an honest and straight-forward manner when we believe the prospects of winning a tax case are not so good.


Our team of tax lawyers is unique, and our longstanding experience ensures that our clients benefit from all our core competencies.


Our counterparty is almost always the Danish Tax Agency or the Danish Ministry of Taxation, which is often assisted by the Attorney to the Government. We are aware that for our clients to succeed in a tax case, an extraordinary effort is expected from us every single day.


At our firm, the experienced partner conducts the case himself and knows the case insight out. That gives the best and less costly result. A tax case is often a lengthy process, and we may become involved at many different stages in the case, see more under How we do.

Tax advisory

Vistisen Falk Hansen advises and assesses the implications of issues pertaining to direct and indirect taxes in particularly difficult and/or complex cases.


Although we are often used to deliver second opinions and engaged when the going gets tough, the best results are delivered when we are involved in the early stages of a case.


When rendering advice to our clients, we strive to find solutions that are optimal – both from a commercial and from a tax point of view.


We do not advise on illegal tax planning, and we abide by the codes of ethics in the field of tax consultancy recommended in the report on “Styrket rådgiver- og branchesamarbejde mod grænseoverskridende skatteunddragelse”; read them here.



White collar criminal tax

Vistisen Falk Hansen renders assistance in relation to criminal issues,


for instance:

  • Self-incrimination vis-à-vis the Danish Tax Agency, e.g. in case of money kept outside Denmark,
  • Participation in meetings with the Danish Tax Agency in connection with administrative tax cases
  • Participation in hearings at the courts in connection with criminal cases brought by the prosecution
  • Handling of cases regarding violation of money-laundering legislation.