How we do

Vistisen Falk Hansen conducts all sorts of cases relating to direct and indirect taxes, including VAT.


We assist already when the case begins at the Danish Tax Agency where the authorities typically request information for control purposes. If we are involved early, we ensure optimal handling of the case from the outset.

We also assist clients lodging complaints when the Danish Tax Agency, the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency, the Danish Property Valuation Agency, the Danish Customs Agency or the Danish Debt Collection Agency makes a decision. We handle the entire complaints process, no matter if the complaint in question is lodged with the Danish Tax Appeals Agency, local tax appeals tribunals, the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency appeals board, the Danish Property Valuation Agency appeals board or the National Tax Tribunal. The experience we have gained from conducting cases before the courts is highly valuable in such situations.


We also assist in cases brought before the courts. We conduct cases before City Courts, High Courts, the Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice. We are the tax lawyers who have conducted most tax cases before the Supreme Court in recent years.


The most difficult tax cases may go on for 5-7 years. Due to our extensive experience from such lengthy processes, we can already from the beginning set clear goals and make strategic decisions in the case, saving time and money for our clients and avoiding unnecessary disappointments. We often cooperate with the client’s auditor to save more time and money.