Vistisen Falk Hansen is competitive in terms of fees, because the experienced partner conducts the case himself and knows it inside out. That saves time. Furthermore, because of our high success rate, our clients get their bill paid by the tax authorities in many instances.


We bill our clients based on the usual billing parameters for Danish lawyers, i.e. paying due regard to the importance, value, scope, time consumption, complexity and outcome of the case.


The fee we charge for our assistance in administrative tax appeals and court cases are reimbursed at least 50% by the Danish Tax Authorities and often reimbursed 100%. 

The reason is the cost reimbursement rules, which mean that the tax authorities reimburse at least 50% of our fee. Where the court finds for our clients in full or to a predominant degree, the tax authorities will cover 100% of our fee. Also for this reason is it important to choose a tax lawyer who has a proven high success record. Only very few types of cases are not covered by the cost reimbursement rules.

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